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Talent Management

A company that will focus on helping athletes attempt to accomplish their dreams through motivation and quality representation. We understand that a Talent (Current Athlete, Retired, Upcoming Player) needs to focus their attention on their sport and we by helping these talents attempt to achieve their dreams and goals through quality representation. As mentioned above our representation is not just limited to current super stars of the game, rather we focus our attention to identify and nurture upcoming talents whom we can provide with an opportunity to excel and become the legend they is destined to be.We also represent Umpires, Coaches and other Sports related professionals such as broadcasters, commentators etc.

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Event Management

A full service event management division, driven by values, RisingAt is ‘one stop shop’ for all kinds of events. We believe that ‘every successful event is the result of one primary element: outstanding management’. We vision the big picture and activate the smallest details to deliver perfection. Our 360 degree services include Marketing, branding, Audio Visual promotions to Sponsorship Management as well.

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Overseas Tours and Services

Our teams are regularly touring overseas to provide them with International exposure. It is an ideal learning opportunity for players and support staff touring with us to explore their sport of passion on different grounds and soil. A world of opportunities awaits those who can prove their mettle in these trying conditions. Primary countries of tour are Europe ,England, Kenya, UAE, New Zealand and Canada.

Our partner clubs across the globe are always on the lookout for Professional Athletes and Support Staff to strengthen their teams, and we at Risingat are constantly seeking out for the right professional to meet our client’s requirements. Whether, you are an expat currently living in the country of opportunity or individual living overseas, looking for opportunities in those countries, we will connect you with the available opportunities and guide you accordingly.

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Sponsor Management

We provide the ideal platform for realistic & meaningful sponsorship campaigns for our clients. Our Global networking platform means that the choices are not just confined to local boundaries, but opportunities are presented Globally, giving maximum exposure to sponsoring business, great value to money invested, while encouraging and promoting the Sponsored.

By first researching your current competitive environment, marketing and business objectives, TG and demographics, RisingAt Sports will source those opportunities and execute strategies that deliver results

Through our extensive network, RisingAt will research and locate the right event, venue or individual. Due to our immense experiences selling sponsorship we’ll negotiate the best package, and then manage that sponsorship opportunity to maximize your return and protect your image.

  • Rising Talent Sponsorships – We pride ourselves on identifying and recruiting the top young prospects from all across various Sports and connect them with Sponsors to help them grow.
  • Micro Sponsorships – Ideal for Small Businesses with limited budgets. We provided you with information and resources to help you sponsor the right event or individual so as to gain maximum exposure for your brand.
  • Major Sponsorships – Tile Sponsors and the mega bucks deals all made easy and hassle free with our background works.

Our Ratings

These ratings are based on reviews and ratings received by us during the last one year of service provided. We are grateful to all our members and customers who have taken their time to give us their valuable feedback

  • Brand Strategy and Value 90%
  • Overseas Services 85%
  • Sponsorship Assitance 93%
  • Customer Happiness 97%
  • Quality and TAT 99%

It was a great trip to Greece along with the RisingAT United XI team and a great tournament. RisingAT ensured we had a great time and ensured the players jelled well inspite of coming from different backgrounds and cultures and languages. Keep up the great work guys ….

Gagandeep Singh

Cricket player, Kenya Cricket

Ever since I signed a contract with RisingAT, my life a cricketer has changed . Training under Shree MR Baig and Mr.Akram has been the best thing that happened to me as a cricketer. I am much better player now than when i first joined

Harpreet Singh

Cricket Trainee, Brothers XI cricket club

The coaches and trainers at RisingAT really work hard on each individual and treat each player according to their strengths. Apart from learning new skills of the game at  I am also developing Personlaity and Life Skills.

Ronak Patel

Cricket Trainee, Gujarat Cricket Association

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