Technology Driven

We are a technology driven company and very keen to contribute towards the development of Sports / Games using the platforms of Augment Reality,Virtual Reality and Social Networking. We believe our current ideas if implemented correctly would make  anySport Game more Competitive and Entertaining.


Forward Thinking

We are always planning for a better future. So be it technology related surveys and researches or coming up with strategies and concepts for better management of profiles, we are constantly coming up with new ways to focus on our clients future plans with us and for Brand keep moving forward.

Problem Solvers

It’s a competitive and tough world, we strictly believe every problem and difficulty is always an opportunity. We are not just problem solvers but are people who learn from our problems &  mistakes. We work hard , passionately and relentlessly till we overcome our problems and achieve success.

Customer Oriented

Our focus is and will always be CUSTOMER. All our ideas and services revolve around providing the best possible service to our clients. Each customer is important to us and we sincerely believe a happy and loyal customer is the best investment we can make for a bright and sustainable tomorrow.


Our History

Founding Partners :
Mr. Lellwyn Prashanth Edwin and Mrs.Aruna Kumari Stanley

Company Progress :
Established in January 2010
Registered: January 2016 by Telangana Government
Incorporation as Private Limited: May 2017

Our Inspiration

Late Shree. Koka Krishna Murthy RaoFormer President of Hyderabad Cricket Association (H.C.A) and one of the longest serving members of HCA

Mr.KK Rao , as he was popularly known , was a man of strong ethics , discipline and one of the few individuals to promote a positive Sporting culture at times when sports was just a means of time pass. It was his dream to establish a Sports Management firm, which would promote talent on bases of talent and nothing else.

Our Brand Intially

RisingAT’s current focus is to provide best possible training and opportunities to lower and middle class income sports lovers. Initially, we decided to focus our energies to identify and develop talent in the game of Cricket. Two main reasons – one it was the game most loved by Shree KK Rao and secondly the very obvious reasons:

 India is a cricket crazy nation and we all love it, easy to tap market and most importantly any good work being done for cricket elevates a brand value like no other sport in India.

RisingAT today is proud of the contacts we have made and the kind of brand we are developing.

We are proud say announce our tie-ups with

Shree M.R.Baig – Former BCCI Coach & Ranji Player

Mr.Maurice Odumbe – Former Kenya Cricketer and Current Batting Coach of Kenya

Mr.Gurdeep Singh – Current Kenya Cricketer

Mr.Gagandeep Singh – Kenya A Cricketer

Mr.Sudeep Tyagi – Team India Player and IPL/ Ranji Player

Mr.Tirumalasetti Suman, Mr.Bharat Chipli, Mr.Chidambaram M Gautam & Mr. Vinnu Prasad – IPL and Ranji Level Players

These are just a few names, who have played at the highest level for their Countries and apart from these elite individuals, we have identified a few players from Gujarat, Punjab and Maharashtra whom we are hoping will be superstars of the game at the highest level.

For the brand to expand, we realized it is not enough to just train and impart knowledge but to also provide as much match temperament to our players as well as staff. We encourage our trainees and contract holders to play as many local games as possible, place them with local clubs to participate in Professional leagues of Hyderabad Cricket Association, corporate leagues participation.

Our Brand as of Today

Of late, we have decided to participate in Global events, which are great opportunities for not just the touring squad, but also for the brand employees to expand our business network.

We also look forward to hosting major events involving teams from various nations by the end of 2017, depending on how well are able to network the brand.

While Busyplayers.com and a few AR and VR projects  are still our long term goals which we want to launch by the end of December 2017,  our current plans for the next few months is to focus on the game of Cricket and then start working with other sports and games, which are less popular.

This approach, we feel is a realistic way for us to avoid unwanted complications and keeps the process of promoting a game or sport simple.

End of 2018 , we aim plan to promote as many 3 sports/games , have our network spread to at least 15 other nations

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Brand Recognition 75%
  • Future Projects Progress 69%
  • Service Levels 95%
  • Customer Happiness 100%


To encourage, promote and to always honestly serve the truly passionate sport lover. Every organization has its own guidelines and secrets for success. Our guidelines/secret to success is to believe it is “people” who decide the future of any company, it is their efforts, decisions and loyalty that helps any company grow.

Be it customers or employees, RisingAT’s mission shall always be respect and provide top quality service to our clients and customers and to maintain a positive, happy and enjoyable work place atmosphere for our employees.

To become one of the most trusted and reputed brands in Sports and Games talent management in India , if not in the world.
To the change the way Sports and Games Management is conducted. BUSYPLAYERS.COM is part of that plan. With Busyplayers.com, we would like to create a one stop Sports and Games networking platform, wherein people can highlight their talents, Retired professionals can conduct online consulting and coaching, Clubs and academies can promote themselves and hire overseas professionals and much more. One of the core features of the portal would be to help aspiring professionals to find all the required resources including Sponsors, Agents and Coaches at a reasonable and low cost to help them chase their dreams.



BUSYPLAYERS.COM is a Sports and Games Networking Portal with multiple features. The idea is developed for Desktop , Android and IOS simultaneously. It is intended to change the way Sports and Games networking is conducted and contains many features which will help raise the standards for how the game is organized, conducted and played!


Augmented Reality has come a long way in today’s time. However, few applications have been developed captured the Sporting world in terms of training or usage during real matches. With our Application “AUGREE” we intend to provide real time solutions to people involved in the game to make better decisions while the game is still on. AUGREE has various uses from training to back end analysis.


Virtual Reality is the new trend and definitely the future. Our VR apps are going to replicate real time training methods offered by experts and make them available for reach of mass public.